Fresh Air Touring Package – Starter

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We generally don’t sell a one size fits all package. Every skier has their own unique needs, style and preferences. In store, all our equipment is sold a-la-carte; however, with a 3-piece equipment purchase, we do offer a great bundle discount. This includes 10% off all items included in the bundle, plus a FREE binding installation and a FREE base wax. These extras may cost over $40 at our competitor shops. These all-in savings of over 15% are available year-round. DID WE MENTION THAT OUR INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT PRICES ARE THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN, even before this extra savings.

The following is an example of a common bundled equipment package available at Fresh Air.  
This Touring Package A contains the following items:

Boots: Escape 7 Prolink

Skis: Elite 6 Escape Grip

Bindings: Prolink Access CL

Poles: Lazl Snowline Aluminum

Binding Installation

Base Hot Wax

Please phone to confirm size and availability of each item.


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