Junior Boot Trade-in Program

We offer a junior trade-in/exchange program for Nordic ski boots ranging from sizes X to X. This program offers families an economical way to ensure that their children always have the right size equipment.

In order to enter the program we charge $90. This cost represents a $30 “rental” fee, plus a $60 security deposit. Keep these first boots as long as they continue to fit (one month…. one year…). As soon as your child outgrows their first boots, simply visit the store and exchange the current pair for a more appropriate size. The fee to exchange a boot for a different size is $30. You can make exchanges as many times as you like across several years. You can share the same boot within your family – no problem.

Once your child outgrows the largest boot size in the program, simply return the current boot to receive a refund of your $60 security deposit. This deposit paid out to you as store credit (…to be used for their first pair of adult boots!)